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    Complete Cake Decorating Training
    We'll teach you every method that the top cake decorators use to create stunning cakes like on TV
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    Cake Decorating Tools
    Included in your membership is a cake decorating kit with all the decorating tips to get started if you need them!
  • Butter cream Training
    Complete Buttercream Training
    You have over 40+ online videos that teach and demonstrate all of the buttercream techniques you'll need to know to create jaw dropping cake designs.
  • Wedding Cake Designs
    Wedding Cakes
    We'll show you our techniques and provide tips on how to deliver a wedding cake on time and in budget!
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    We'll give you ideas and help with our Cake Creation section- Every month you get a complete blueprint and design
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    You can connect with other cake decorators around the globe. Ask questions, get answers!

Learn to Decorate Cakes Like the Pros...

Online Cake Decorating Classes For Everyone

Everyone will want to know, "How'd you Do That?" You'll be the center of every conversation at your next Family/Business Party or Event

As you read every word on this page, you'll discover...

You can learn the real-world techniques professional cake decorators use every day. You benefit by learning from a certified cake decorating instructor and her vast experience... and tremendous success...

Proven strategies to turn this hobby into a real business you can run from home... Your goal may be more than just impressing the neighbors! Cake decorating is actually a great way to get some extra cash to help in these tough economic times without leaving the home!


Cake Decorating Instructor -Joan Brown
Joan Brown
Certified Instructor

From The Desk Of Joan Brown

RE: EzIcing.com Membership


Dear Cake Decorator,

It is very common for our members to walk into a party with a cake they decorated by taking one of our many online training courses to find people gasping in amazement. Everyone wants to know how you did it. So expect a new sense of self-worth and recognition every time you bring a cake to the party!

The recognition is nice but we want to also show you how to bring in some extra cash with your new found skills. It only takes selling one cake to completely cover the entire access for the classes and the cake decorating kit. And don't think you need to make a lot of effort to get customers. It's as simple as bringing a cake to a party and and you'll have everyone there asking if you do it for other people and boom-- you're in business!

I've taught hundreds of people over the last 6 years as a certified instructor. And would love to help you learn all the tips and tricks for designing amazing cakes. Our classes are all online and available anytime it's convenient for you. The techniques taught are the equivalent of a 4 month off-line class. The techniques can help you create cool cupcakes, theme cakes, and even wedding cakes!


So... What is ezIcing?

It's a well-planned and systematic online training system for beginning cake decorators. It comes complete with the actual tools you'll need to get started. It is also a place to find and share ideas with others across the globe!

Cake Class Screen Shot

Our online training includes over 40+ online videos and is available 24/7 which means it's there whenever you need us! You can login for a quick and easy cake design template or if you can't remember the technique to create a daffodill but think it would be the perfect addition to the cake you're currently working on, then this is your solution.

Cake Decorating Start Kit

This is even the place to go for new ideas and designs, we release a new cake creation design every month with step by step instructions on how to do it yourself!

We also provide all the tools you'll need to get started if you need it. It comes with a buttercream starter kit with over 50+ decorating tips with all the training you need to use them!


bottom line cake decorating

Most People Talk About It, Most People Teach It, but we actually DO IT. And we'll help you do the same.

Watch this short video to see what you get with ezIcing Membership...

  • Buttercream Starter Kit includes 52-stainless steel decorating tips, 2-nails, 4-couplers, 1-offset spatula, and 4-bags shipped to your door to help you get started
  • 40+ Online Videos We show you how to use your kit to make amazing designs on cakes, cup cakes, cookies, you name it! We will teach you technics in buttercream, royal icing, fondant and gumpaste. We'll show you individual methods for just about every flower, figure piping, sculpting etc.
  • Articles, Tips, Polls and Surveys you'll find additional resources in articles, quick tips and you can get an idea where everyone else is with our member polls and surveys.
  • Cake Decoration Templates come monthly to your inbox so make sure you can receive our emails. These are actual cake designs with step-by-step instructions on how we came up with the design so you can try them out yourself. We have different styles for different seasons and every once in a while throw in a wedding cake design that you can copy!
  • Recipes and Ideas from other members will reveal all kinds of special treats from red velvet to a boston cream pie cake, everyone can share ideas and recipes and their tweaks to get just the right flavor.
  • Learn how to turn your new skills into a home-based business. Thousands across world make a comfortable living by decorating cakes from home. There can be some legal hurdles you'll have to jump through depending on the state you live in but we can give you pointers about what the FDA is looking for when you try your hand at turning your craft into a business.
bottomline - cake classes

Develop Cake Skills“YES, I'm Ready To Sign Up For ezIcing.com. I Want to Learn and Develop My Skills as a Cake Decorator Right Now...”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can get everything I need to get started: 63 Piece Butter Cream Kit and one full year of training with an Ezicing.com Annual Membership

All for the low, low introductory price of just $67 including shipping* to anywhere in the Continental U.S.!

I also understand that there is limited supply for the kits and when we run out, we run out.  We currently have 11 left!

As if that wasn't enough... I also have 30 days for a 100%, prompt and courteous refund if I'm not completely delighted with everything.

That's how sure we are that this is exactly what you need to learn the skills of the expert cake decorator and launch your own home-based business.

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